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Where to Learn More

I am no expert in World War II history.  Each journal entry required me to research and learn about the relevant battles and background. I’m sure to find other sources as I go along, but, for now, I gratefully list the following:

Websites:  (Normany to the Elbe: The History of the 548th AAA AW Bn (Mbl) (“Life Aboard a Troop Transport”) – (This is a soldier’s on-line diary. Good day-to-day details.)   (Contains information about various Anti-Aircraft units) (About Camp Patrick Henry)  (The story of crossing the Roer River)  (About Camp Lee in Petersburg/Hopewell area) (About Fort Fisher in North Carolina)
(Great description of camp at Boston Port of Embarkation where Al returned to the US)  (Read another family member’s blog of her father’s WW2 experience based on correspondence & photos)  ( Allies take the city, Aachen, in Belgium.) (discussion about anti-aircraft, automatic weapons units)   (Individual stories of various veterans’ time in World War II.)

Document uploaded to by John Wolfe, entitled “Fifth Army History – Part II- Across the Volturno to the Winter Line”

Document uploaded to by William F. Ross and Charles F. Romanus, entitled “Quartermaster Corps: Operations in the War Against Germany”


Atlas of World War II, John Keegan, Collins, Hong Kong, 2006. ISBN 0-06-089077-0

Atlas of World War II, Richard Natkiel World Publications, Massachusetts, 2005. ISBN 1-572215-295-8

Finding Your Father’s War, Jonathan Gawne, Casemate, Drexel Hill, Pa., 2006. ISBN 1-932033-14-9.

History of the Second World War, B.H. Liddell Hart, Da Capo Press, New York, New York, 1999. ISBN 0-306-80912-5.


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