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Letter from a Dutch Friend

Actual letter follows but I typed it out for readability.

5th of Dec. 45

Dear Albert,

How are you getting along now.  I think you are doing fine, because you will probably be in the U.S.A. now. I hope that you, being in America now, won’t forget us.  As long as I can, I’ll keep writing and I hope you do too.

Today there is a kind of festival here.  It is Santa Claus.  I think it is a bit similar with your Christmas.  You know an old man with a big wight beard. I feel sick now. I have been eating too much cake and pie.

At the moment we have a radio again.  It is only such a small baby radio. But it plays and that’s enough. Right now, they are playing:”This is the Army, Mrs. Jones”. But that is over for you now and I’m sure you are glad too.

How didyou feel the first time, when you stepped in civilian clothes again.  I cannot imagine how you look in them. Please will you try to send me a picture of you in civilian clothes, as I have one of you in soldier clothes.  It will probably be a very big change.

Adele would not write a letter to America.  She’s afraid someone else will open the letter and laugh about mistakes.

But you know how I love writing so I finish..  Give our greetings to people you know like sisters or brothers.   est wishes for you and Merry C-mas and a Happy New Year from Mamma, Papa and Adele, but especially your Dutch friend,


P.S. Would you please [send] me American magazines if you can and if possible 10 of your Chesterfields. I’ll send you the money for them.  H.


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