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Sixteen million Americans served their country during World War II.  When they were done, they came home and got back to their lives.  Very few of them really spoke of their experiences during the war.  My step-father, Al, was one of those men.  A soft-spoken, gentle man from an immigrant family,  he was proud of his service but that was all we knew. It wasn’t until  I had children myself who started asking questions for school projects that Al started talking.  He told me once that no one else had ever asked him about his military experiences.  Once asked, he brought out a small brown journal.  He kept it current, not daily but as possible, during his entire tour of duty.  In the back is a list of every town and city he saw in North Africa and in Europe.  He also had photographs of some of this experiences and military brothers as well as an autograph book with names and addresses of many of the same.  Sadly, Al passed in April, 2007.  After his death, we found that he had also kept letters, official documents and other memorabilia.

It is my wish to eventually find a museum that will appreciate Al’s World War II materials and donate them.  Before we do, though, the hope is that this blog will honor his memory by following Al’s journey through the war and learning about the broader picture of those war-time years.

On the Move

  1. OH this is fascinating. Thanks for sharing Al’s story.

  2. Thank you for reading and commenting on Al’s War. Its been a learning experience for me and fun, too. What till you read the letter from the French woman after the war – oo-la-lah!

  3. martyworld permalink

    Great stuff! One of the shots looked like the soldier was holding a grease-gun. Have to get my weapons guy (he’s a buff on guns, weapons, anything military) to look over your blog.

  4. I am very inspired by Al’s War and this enormous project you have begun. I have only scratched the surface of you writings and I’m already overwhelmed by this incredible detailed account. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Do you mind if I repost the about page to draw attention to your fine blog? The picture appears to be a 2 1/2 ton truck with anti-aircraft mount, a quad 50. Great blog!

  6. Your purpose-driven blog is such a rich harvest. Lucky Al.

    • You’re very kind. I was lucky to know him and he gave me quite an education through his journal. Thank you!

  7. I love your blog so much I nominated you for The Mrs. Sparkly Ten Commandment Award. To accept it see ( blog for the rules. You do not have to accept it if you do not want to. I will still think your blog is awesome if you don’t. Have a blessed day!

  8. My father was also one of the ones who did not speak much of his experiences, he passed away 1975 when I was 14 and I never had a chance to speak with him more of his experiences. I appreciate you sharing Al’s story and like Nancy, by reading your dad’s stories brings me close to my dad and understanding what he had gone through. Thank you – Patty

    • Thank you for your gracious comment. Even with all the materials he left behind, I still had so many questions for Al as I went through his journal and photos. As I looked at the photos of all these men in college AFTER the war and all they’d seen and been through, I felt such pride and debt to them. Thanks for taking the time to check out Al’s War and to comment. And I salute your Dad, too, for all he did even if we never know.

  9. I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. You can find it here: Blessings – Patty

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