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Great News

April 3, 2016

`It looks likely that Al’s memorabilia, his journal, autograph book, photos and all, may be accepted by the National World War II museum in New Orleans!  Their acceptance would guarantee that such single voices as his won’t get lost and unheard with the passage of time.  Early stages but it looks like he has a pretty good shot.

  1. I see a photo of my dad among his pictures.

  2. Your dad was Raymond, right? He and Al must have been good war buddies because there were quite a few of them together, and in a group. Al mentioned him in passing in his journal. Maybe sometime you’ll get to the museum and see it all.

  3. Just ran across this. My Father, Lt. Drexel Powell was in the 548th, Bt B and surely would have known Al. I have quite a bit of memorabilia from his service and have just been going through the recently unearthed collection of letters he wrote to my mom. Your blog came up when I googled Miesterhorst, where Dad served as “Mayor” in post-war occupation. Would love to hear from you.

    • Thank you for letting me know. I’ve heard from only one other family. I have donated most of Al’s physical souvenirs from THE WAR to the the World War II Museum in New Orleans. I’m glad the blog helped you a bit,

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