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Newspapers and Nudes

March 4, 2013

When this blog was started, it was based on one man’s journey through World War II as depicted in his daily journal, his autograph book and some photos.  Then I started finding other pieces of his time in the Army  – souvenirs of experiences he had when not fighting, correspondence during the war with famiy, post-war with friends he made in wartime.  I really thought I had it all until I opened a tin box inside one of a storage box and found Al’s ribbons and insignia from the war.  That, I thought, was my final treasure.  But the search continues off and on as I try to process through boxes he left behind.

Today’s gift from Al has a split personality but was found in the same box.   Some of it chronicles the end of the war; the rest provided Al with diversion, a not-uncommon diversion in times of war. First, there are three of the Stars and Stripes newspapers from the end of the war.

Al Nazis news

Al Victory news

Al Its Official

Finding these makes me feel good about having saved the Washington Post from 9/11, from Clinton’s impeachment and other historic events.

The next surprise was……………….pictures of nude women.  There was this one featuring a lovely woman with the notation, “posed by Marilyn Monroe” .  No question about this picture.  The four torn-off corners say that this picture hung somewhere.  Sorry, I’m keeping it a “family-friendly” site.

Al PinUp Girl

Another big surprise, along the same line, was discovering a “girlie” book.  The pictures aren’t the surprise – but the entire book is in German.  Since Al didn’t read German, I’m thinking the articles weren’t the big draw.  The pictures below represent the most modest photos; the others are more Playboy-like. Obviously, this would be the diversion material just unearthed.

Al Nakeds2                                        Al German Naked pic

A page of the actual German text follows. I have no idea what the translation is.

Al German Nakeds

There are a few more boxes to go.  Stand by for more discoveries.  Who knows what else will be found.

  1. Interesting stuff there. I’m pretty sure the one of M.M. is post World War 2, probably early fifties, but I’ll bet the German stuff is rare and probably “liberated” from German pows.

    • You’re probably right. He had some cool photos, including one of Hitler that he told me he had “liberated” from a German house they occupied after the victory.

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