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Honoring Al and Hidden Treasure

February 3, 2013

Its been a very long time since I posted anything here because I felt that I had used all the material I had and carried Al’s story through to the end of what I could honestly know.

Al's Tins

But today, today is a Red-Letter Day!  We have a charity truck coming to pick up donations, so my husband and I have been sorting through boxes and looking for items to pass along.  In one of the boxes that I thought contained my son’s car parts, I found a treasure trove of Al’s memorabilia.  There are three metal tins.   One contains still more photographs; some at war, most at home.  One contains certificates of course completion of classes at the business college he attended.  It also holds a testament to his great religious faith.  The New Testament is there, along with a Roman Catholic missal and much more. The Whitman’s candy tin, when I finally opened it, contains Al’s World War II metals and ribbons….and his compass! I never  could understand how he had kept a journal, address book and photos and not his insignia and awards.  They’ll  take a little time to sort out but I look forward to fleshing out some of the details of Al’s War.  I hope you’ll come back to learn more along with me.

  1. Cool! Looking forward to it!

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