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Last Stop – Fort Meade Separation Center

June 21, 2012

For GIs returning from the war, Fort Meade (in Maryland) served as one of the primary out-processing locations on the East Coast.  There’s not much in Al’s World War II information about how he got there, or what happened there. So I spoke to another veteran (Mac) what he recalled about the separation center.  He said you were sent to the center closest to home.  The processing was done quickly.  He recalled that he received a cursory physical exam and asked about any physical complaints or disabilities he might want to report to the Veteran’s Administration.  You received your current pay, For Al, his “mustering out” pay totaled $400, but this allotment was only $100, with the balance to be paid later. I asked Mac whether you were given a bus ticket home and he said no. But Al was given $12.50 in travel pay to get home.  G.I.s also were given clothes to take home.  I read Mac this list of Al’s:

Al's Clothing List

Al’s Clothing List

He said the list sounded like the clothes he could take home.  (O.D. is short-hand for off-duty).

So, Al left LeHavre, France on November 12, 1945 and arrived in Boston on November 19th.  It is unknown when he left for Fort Meade near Baltimore, Maryland but he was examined, processed, informed, paid and discharged by November 25th, less than a week later. His discharge paperwork is below:

Next, we’ll look at the Servicemen’s Readjustment Act (also known as the G.I. Bill and the impact it made for Al on his return.

  1. I can’t wait! My Dad was let out in Texas. He was from Nebraska. I wonder if we will eventually find out more through his letters.

    • He was a prolific writer, it seems. I can’t believe how many you’ve posted already. And, wow, did he love your mom. Nice…

      • I know right? and I have not even got to the end of the first row of letters in the suitcase. I have three more rows to go! Overwhelming some days. Also we have not even gotten to where is goes overseas for a year. Yikes!

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