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Al’s Autograph Book

May 9, 2012

Besides his journal, memorabilia and photographs, Al also carried an autograph book in which many of the people he met along the way wrote their names and addresses.  I’ve been reluctant to publish them for privacy reasons but have reconsidered.  Anyone who signed the book would be highly unlikely to still have the same address, if they are even still among us.  And, maybe some other family member will find their loved one’s name and be happy to find a little bit about them.  Let’s face it, although heroes all, most of our military toiled in relative obscurity.  So, names and addresses will follow, along with photos where possible and some scanned autographs just because a beautiful signature is becoming a lost art.

Glen Poran
2630 E. Garfield St.
Decatur, Illinois                                                                                  

Cpl. Waldo Weeks
Rapid City, South Dakota

Franklin Downing
RR 1
Brazil, Indiana

Capt. Charlie Lazo
450 S.W. 4th St.
Miami, Fla.
Pier #5 City Yacht Basin

John Menzie
501 W. Wilson Ave.   
Gillespie, Ill.

Jack B. Armstrong                                                                  Manuel Perez
209 Hoyer Ave.                                                                        7-7th Ave. S.W.
Paducah, KY                                                                             Oefivein, Iowa

Zygi Nowicki
8828 Woodmont
Detroit, Mich

Oliver A. Henyan
Rt. 1
Seymour, Texas

John H. Shepby                                                               Pfc. Milford E. Braby
148 E. Walnut St.                                                            Dakota City, Iowa
Lancaster, PA

Gerald Houston
711 Countyline St.
New Castle, PA

  1. OMGoodness! I have not gotten to the beginning of your story. My father was from Cozad, Nebraska, and Mom was from Brookville Kansas. Most of the men in my dad’s Division were from Nebraska. I have copies of an autograph book too, but it is not my father. I found a Daughter-in-law of one of my fathers fellow soldiers and she has one that my father signed!!! I was amazing. Just this morning I emailed her for a new soldier that Dad is talking about in his letters signature and I asked if she could take pictures of the front of the book and her dad’s signature. Now you have Al’s!!!! what a wonderful journey this is turning out to be!

  2. I am a military historian from Bulgarian and the history of the WW II is very interesting for me! Nick

    • Thank you for your comment. I’m no historian but I have learned a lot about World War II through this effort . I wish my step-father was still alive to answer questions I’ve developed but not been able to answer. I’ve tried to keep it accurate and simple and to acknowledge all my sources. If you have information to add or that would teach me something about the war, I’d be happy to receive it.

  3. Libby permalink

    That is a picture of my dad. It is one I had not seen before. He was from Topeka,Kansas. I read the whole blog and don’t see anything else that looks familiar. Interesting and fun to see.

    • I can’t tell from the comment page but is it Raymond Girvin who is your father? That’ is one name that I think did appear more than once. Let me know and i’ll check the original sources. Is he still alive? Is your family still in Kansa? Just curious; my son went to Kansas State. Thanks for sharing with me.

      • Yes Raymond Girvin. What else is there about him? He lived in Kansas City Kansas after he came home until the last few years of his life. He died in 2000. Please email me if you have any more information and I can tell you the few stories he told me. My email is

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