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Occupying Post-War Germany and Dealing with the Germans

May 6, 2012

Each post on this blog builds chronologically on the ones before. Journal entries are written in bold and comments are written in italics. I gratefully acknowledge the sources I used to follow Al’s journal and have listed them on the page, “Where to Learn More“.

The above instructions, issued by General Omar Bradley, were given to all the U.S. soldiers who would be working with the German citizenry in the post-war phase.  Clicking on them will make them easy to read.  Its very interesting to read in the light of current warfare, against a group rather than a country.   The expectation was that G.I.s would be honorable, fair and just in dealing with the German people while strictly restricting relations.  Despite instructions to refrain from fraternizing with the German people, Al and many of us fellow G.I.s did befriend some of them.  One letter he received was from a woman named Hildegard.  She specifically requested the address of Al’s old pal, Braby, with whom he served.  She wrote that Braby had been very kind to her children, and she sought to beg for old clothes and shoes for her children.  The letter follows , written from the Russian zone.


Overall, the post-war occupation took 11 years.  The U.S. Army acted as the executive agency for the military government until 1948 and occupied  until 1955.  By the end of June, 1946, the control of the military government passed to the Office of Military Government in Berlin, a predominantly civilian agency  while the military detached from tactical command.  The next post will show what part Al played before he shipped home.

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  1. Priceless information! Thank you so much for sharing it.

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