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On Death and Glory

March 6, 2012

Each entry post on this blog builds chronologically on the ones before. Journal entries are written in italics. Comments are written in bold print. I gratefully acknowledge the sources I used to follow and understand Al’s journal and have listed them on the page, “Where to Learn More”.

June 6.
Invasion of western France after so long a time –

Operation Overlord, the invasion of Normandy and Operation Anvil, the supplemental invasion of the south of France had been in the planning stages since the Teheran Conference in November, 1943, attended by Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt. Modifications were made along the way in terms of weaponry and equipment, force strength and timing. It finally took place in June.

June 8.
Moved to Osteria, near Genzano and Velletri – Anzio in the distance. Buried American infantryman.

June 9.
Sight-seeing tour of Rome. Saw Vatican City and St. Peter’s Cathedral, Pantheon, Piazza Venezia, etc. Climbed Dome of St. Peter’s – over 700 stairs – see complete city.

June 11.
Pass to Rome (5 hours). More sight-seeing. Felt homesick, as the city was not wrecked and people were dressed nicely and clean.

June 12.
March order to Nepi (30 miles north of Rome). Convoyed thru Rome amidst great cheering and welcome.

Italy quickly became the less important theatre of war as the Allied Powers geared up for the amphibious landing at Normandy.  But by engaging Germany there, they tied up some of the German forces, keeping them away from Southern France.

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