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Greetings from the Selective Service!

February 18, 2012

Each post entry on this blog builds chronologically on the ones before. Journal entries are written in italics. Comments are written in bold print. I gratefully acknowledge the sources I used to follow and understand Al’s journal and have listed them on the page, “Where to Learn More”

Greetings from the Selective Service

Greetings from the Selective Service

Available for Unrestricted Military Service

November 10, 1942
Sworn into the Army, and took the physical examination.

November 10 to November 24
Fourteen Day Furlough

Al was born in 1922, the son of an Lebanese immigrant (although his father had been born in Syria).  His parents raised a large family, settling in the Roanoke, Virginia area.  Al was one of the youngest children.  His mother died early and his “Auntie” helped raise them.  She was a strong Lebanese woman who raised them with set moral values and strong opinions.  For example, she didn’t want the boys to marry any woman who was not Lebanese.  He said he made the mistake of bringing a non-Lebanese woman home once and she was not well-received.  Since he wasn’t drawn to any of the Lebanese women he knew and because he loved and respected his Auntie, Al stayed single until after she passed away.  His first and only marriage took place when he was 54.

Al and "Auntie"

By the time Al received his notice from the Selective Service, he’d finished high school and was working for Hercules Powder Company in nearby Pulaski.  There, he worked in a crew of three, weighing powder, putting the powder in sacks and sewing the sacks.  He loved baseball ( a New York Yankees fan all his life) and both played and coached the game.

Also by this time, the war in Europe was in high gear, the U.S. had been attacked by Japan at Pearl Harbor and Nazi death camps were being used on the Jewish people. Although Al didn’t know it at the time, he was to serve his country through the end of the war.

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